Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

about love me


If I dare to accept it, dare to break and release ....That's Love, because Love is not something eternal in this worldOh my God ...., Even if I were not created for youLoved and led the way with LightI knowMaybe we really do the same with the heart felt painButYou'll hurt you before with Fake PrinceWas I? Now I'm sick of my future without you beingAll because I was afraid of losing yourI did not realize until birth injuryThe wound is so strong that hangs from the side of my soul that fragileButThe longer I try to forget youThe deeper the longing that makes ME want to meet youCity,The place where the Lord led usAnd where we waved farewell toBecause me and you now just waiting for the uncertaintyDistance and time is so foreign and different
If you understand ...If you understand ... ..That's Love, God knows better

created : Langga Gustanto
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It's just the most beautiful poem for you

I was born and grew it from my happiness.  prisons have been locked open with a sense of my presence and the realization that you have made me realize how much I do not ever want to go back to feel a loss and separation.
The silence that is able to take me on a deep reflection, Until I get a dawn of understanding about life and love.The silence that is able to eliminate a conceit.The silence that merge a mere rottenness and hypocrisy of life. Yes .. life full of drama and a myriad of problems.Hi ... The connoisseur LOVE?I want to meet with silence.Tell me where he was
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